Safety and Compliance

3DroneMapping is a member of the Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of Southern Africa. This organization operates under the guidelines of the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa.

Our internal safety, operational and maintenance audits are conducted four times per year and necessary changes are made to the operating procedures. 3DroneMapping is currently in the process of complying with the South African Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements for commercially operating RPAS in South African airspace. it is expected that our company will be in possession of an Air Services License and other required certification by the end of 2017.



3DroneMapping undergoes quarterly audits by professional Land Surveyors to ensure that our practices are methodologically sound and comply with basic survey principles. The audit reviews test locations as well as calculation and data collection systems.

3DroneMapping is registered with GISSA (The Geo-Information Society of South Africa) and contributes where possible to promote accurate and ingenious uses of GIS using our data.