Operational Members

3DroneMapping is made up of a number of people that each bring a specific skill set. From land surveyors, survey technicians, flight instructors, GIS engineers, commercial pilots, each contribute to an accurate and professional mapping service.

Luke Wijnberg – CEO / FLIGHT OPS  – Has worked as a surveyor for the past 17 years in both the aerial and topographic surveying industry. Luke specialises in all applications of RPAS mapping and its role in conventional surveying. Luke has operated drones all over the African continent and has flown a variety of missions with both fixed wing and multirotor RPAS.

Chris Williams – RMT / SAFETY OFFICER – Heads the RPAS fleet maintenance and operational airworthiness section. Having experience in amateur radio and electronics gives him an advantage in being able to problem solve and detect issues. His main task is ensuring the 3DroneMapping operates in a safe manner and complies with the local laws and with the scope of the operators license.

Jon Sargood – QUALITY ASSURANCE – As a career pilot Jon has specialised in human factors training for pilots and has used this knowledge and experience to further improve the operating systems of 3DroneMapping. He has introducing communication, risk assessment and situational awareness systems that help to maintain the high levels of discipline and professionalism that 3DroneMappping is renowned for.

Jonathan Swart – GIS PRACTITIONER – Recent graduate who is interning at 3DroneMapping as a GIS practitioner. Jonathan holds a BSc (Honours) in Geography and a BA degree in Environmental Management. Throughout his studies, Jonathan focused on GIS and is currently gaining valuable experience by testing his skills in real world scenarios by being deeply involved in the processing stages of 3DroneMapping’s operations.